3D technology takes learning to next level in one Florence classroom

3D technology takes learning to next level in one Florence classroom

FLORENCE, SC (WMBF) - An elementary school in Florence School District One is taking learning to the next level this school year with 3D virtual technology inside the classroom.

Chandler Herbert, the innovations center teacher at Royall Elementary School, will oversee the new initiative for students. They are the only ones in all of the district to have the technology, called z-Space.

School officials said it is something an elementary-level child would never be able to experience at school if it weren't for this sort of technology.

"When I click on it, I feel the heartbeat. I can even accelerate the heart rate as if we were exercising," said Herbert as she showcased how to use the z-Space station.

Royall Elementary believes in learning while doing, and that is why their innovation center will be used by every single student this year.

Each student will learn on a collaborative level by designing and building all through the 3D glasses provided. There are ten z-Space stations in the innovation center and every teacher can bring their class inside to use it for learning.

There are science apps to dissect, and other apps for studying planets and gravity, among other opportunities. Royall Elementary solely brought this technology to the school as their own initiative, and it is only partially funded by the district.

The z-Space stations will be used in addition to the six new 3D printers the school has as well. Herbert said z-Space is growing throughout the country and even in a lot of medical universities for future doctors and nurses to train on.

"So for this to be brought to education, I think that's special because a lot of times things that start at a higher level don't always make it down to the elementary classroom," Herbert said. "So once it gets put in the hands of children, they're going to take us even farther. They learn faster than we do and by the end of this year I hope they are teaching me things through this."

Royall faculty and students are still going through basic procedures, and all kids will be trained on z-Space and will start using the stations the second week of school.

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