North Myrtle Beach police officers honored with Quilt of Valor

North Myrtle Beach police officers honored with Quilt of Valor

NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Several North Myrtle Beach police officers were honored with a quilt Monday.

However, it is not just a blanket; it is a much-needed act of kindness and a thank you they do not always get. 

"Recognizing this group of veterans today is what we are here for, to put a positive spin on what they do to protect the community," said Joan Wobbleton, the regional director of the Myrtle Beach Shore Bird, which oversees the Quilt of Valor Foundation. 

Capt. Michael Baldasarre found himself humbled by the gesture even more so, standing by other members of his department. 

"It makes me proud. It makes me proud to know that all these guys and gals served their country, and they didn't give up there, and continued on and came here. They chose North Myrtle Beach to continue to serve their country and their community. It makes me proud to be part of a team like that," Baldasarre said. 

Like a quilt is made in layers, Wobbleton said those layers represent the love and respect people still have for law enforcement.

Having three sons of her own in blue, she knows the job is not easy. 

"When a police officer leaves home in the morning and kisses his wife and kids goodbye, does he know he is going to come home?" she said. 

Wobbleton said that uncertainty is a reality for police officers and now, more than ever, they need the community's support. 

"So many more bad things seem to be happening now, it's nice to have a good thing thrown in here and there, to make people remember that there is still good in the world," Baldasarre said. 

Wobbleton added she has seen tears run down people's faces when they are wrapped in their quilt and though she does not know why that is, she believes in what the quilt brings.

"There's nothing magic about them. It's just we're hoping that if they are having trouble, it provides them with that comfort," she said. 

Since 2010, more than 850 quilts have been given to veterans and police officers.

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