Locals concerned about future of Lake Busbee

Locals concerned about future of Lake Busbee

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - Margaret Harrington said she walks her dog along Lake Busbee every day and has seen the quality drastically reduce in recent months. She says locals want to see their lake looking beautiful as the true gateway to the Grand Strand.

"They pulled down the stack in February, which I watched. And since then the lake has gone down," said Margaret Harrington. "People come down here to ride bicycles and walk, and there's no one here today. There's absolutely not a soul here."

Conway City Councilman Tom Anderson said the lake is most likely down because of the recent heat. The lake was originally built as a cooling system for Santee Cooper's Grainger Plant, which no longer exists. Now several parties are vying for this spot of land, including Conway, Horry County, Myrtle Beach Regional Economic Development and others. Anderson said he hopes Conway can be the one to purchase the area, to improve the quality of life for its citizens.

"From my perspective, I would like the property to be recreation and residential. Tie the river walk down into the property," said Tom Anderson. However, like anything of this scope, it will take time.

"Patience is of essence. Conway City Council is always in favor of keeping the lake. It's just a matter of working out all of the details with the parties involved," Anderson said.

"I just want someone to start doing something before it becomes a mud puddle," Harrington said.

Councilman Anderson said all interested parties will be meeting together soon to decide what would be the best options for Lake Busbee, although no timetable has been set.

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