AAA warns of debris-related crashes

AAA warns of debris-related crashes

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - If you've ever strapped something to the top of your car we're warning you about the dangers of debris-related car accidents.

You don't want to think of something falling off and hurting someone, but the reality is, it happens more than you think. Thousands of crashes could be avoided if debris hadn't fallen. In fact, AAA Carolinas said there were more than 3,500 in the Carolinas from 2011 to 2014.

Drivers travel 17 Bypass in and out of the Grand Strand every day. And busy roads are where most debris-related accidents happen. Many drivers have luggage and kayaks strapped to the top and trailers hitched behind them. If those aren't secured property, they're dangerous.

At high rates of speed, if a paddle board slipped from the top of a car, it could cause a fatal situation. And in the Grand Strand, you're driving at a higher risk of it because so many vacationers pack things on their roofs.

The danger comes if your load isn't secured properly.

Before you go on a road trip or even move - make sure you see a mechanic to make sure you're not missing a tire that might blow out or that your exhaust isn't about to fall off.

Always double check to make sure a load is secure.

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