Local actors make anti-bullying film

Local actors make anti-bullying film

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - With school just around the corner, some may be worried about the effects of bullying.

That is why a group of local actors put together a short film to show the effects bullying can have on children.

The 16-minute film, "Breaking the Silence of Bullying," featured several locals and college students who want to teach kids that they are not alone. Many of them said they were victims of bullying themselves.

"They said that it was about bullying, and that it would help and that school systems would like watch it and stuff, and I have a little brother, and I just thought, you know, he gets bullied sometimes by the bigger kids." said actor Hannah Osborne.

Osborne is one of several people who worked on the project, which was orchestrated by The Storytelling Foundation, a non-profit that uses the arts to impact social change.

"It's just an issue that I've dealt with as a child, and then I chose a career that dealt with it and some of things that they're doing so that they can just be the best person they can be." said Dr. Beverly Boone.

Boone is a former teacher and principal who now writes children's books and curriculum for schools. She said she originally wrote the script as a play, but thought it would translate better on film.

"It's really for organizations that work with bullies," she said. "It's for anybody, parents, churches, anybody that has a concern about making sure that bullying is wrong."

Boone said one focus of the film is to show that bullies can often be victims themselves, and that lashing out at others can sometimes be used as a defense mechanism.

"I say this all the time because my grandmother said it to me; you have to teach people how to be a human being," she said. "When you're born, you look human. But being a human being requires understanding, teaching, patience, compassion and empathy, and I never forgot that."

Those who think their child or someone else is a victim of bullying, can visit these websites to find the help needed:

Pacer Institute

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