Florence School District One discusses safety ahead of first day of school

Florence School District One discusses safety ahead of first day of school

FLORENCE, SC (WMBF) - One school district wants to make sure parents and students know that safety is their No. 1 goal for when school starts back up again.

That is the message Florence School District One held to on Friday, especially after a threat was made toward South Florence High School during the week.

Pam Little-McDaniel said, "So when we learn of something, we just make sure that our school resource officer is there to assist us and we work hand-in-hand with our law enforcement community as well," said Pam Little-McDaniel, spokesperson for Florence School District One.

The Florence County Sheriff's Office was first notified about a threat toward the high school and told the school district so they could take action. The entire school was searched and every parent was notified.

As a precaution, the school district asked that no student brings a book bag to the first day of school on Monday.

"We take every one of them seriously," Maj. Mike Nunn with the Florence County Sheriff's Office said of the threat. "They have varying degrees of credibility and believability, but we treat them all seriously and we are taking proper precaution at this time, as is the school."

Florence School District has a full-time resource officer at every single middle and high school, and a roaming officer at the elementary school.

"I think the important thing to know is that safety is a priority in Florence School District One and we will continue to work with each of our schools in terms of safety, school resource officers and we intend to make sure our students are safe at all times," Little-McDaniel said.

She explained that, regardless of how big or small a threat or rumor is, the school and law enforcement investigate it to the fullest.

"I can tell you that these types of threats, while they are not common, they are not unusual either," Little-McDaniel said. "We receive them from time to time, particularly the start of school, around exam time, or other times they will pop up."

Nunn also said at the beginning of the school year two areas with increased police presence are speed zones and bus stops.

"We urge everyone to slow down, observe those flashing reduced speed zones and let's try to keep our kids safe getting to and from school."

The sheriff's office recommends each parent to be patient and get used to school drop-off and pick-up zones, and to always drive slow.

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