Three more volleyball courts to be added downtown

Three more volleyball courts to be added downtown

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Three more volleyball courts are set to be added in downtown Myrtle Beach.

"It actually is a ten fold. Ten times more people are using it," said Victor Shamah, owner of The Bowery.

Shamah is just one owner whose business surrounds the courts just across from the old Pavilion site who is noticing more and more locals making good use of the courts.

"This year has been great to the point that there's been a demand and we're like, 'Why don't we have more because if we had more volleyball courts we could host small tournaments, even big tournaments?'" said David Sebok, the executive director for the Downtown Redevelopment Corporation.

So much so, there is now a volleyball league here in the Grand Strand. Members of that league are the ones who sparked the push for more courts. It was an idea Sebok said he could not argue.

"(It's) very popular," he said. "People like watching volleyball, playing volleyball. It's colorful, it's active."

Surrounding businesses like The Bowery help sponsor the league and fund the courts in any way they can, even supplying volleyballs to those who do not have them. With the Olympic games showcasing summer sports like volleyball his hope is play downtown continues to pick up.

"All of the people riding by are just seeing the people having a good time, laughing and bouncing and having a blast in that area that was just once grass," Shamah said. "People would like to see it. Now that the Olympics are doing it, it just brings out that we can do it. Anybody can do it."

Sebok seconded the notion that the Olympics are helping to make volleyball more visible to a lot of people.

"I mean, anyone can play volleyball," he said.

Sebok believed the city allocated about $25,000 for the three new courts, making that six total downtown. They are expected this fall.

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