Neighborhood eyesore has homeowners pleading for a solution

Neighborhood eyesore has homeowners pleading for a solution

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) – There is no denying the Rivertown Row neighborhood in Conway is a beautiful one.

Each home showcases a beautifully landscaped front yard. However, it is when someone walks around back that they see what the neighbors are so upset over.

"My biggest concern right now is really loss of property value because people who are looking at my house that may want to buy it are going to see it's sitting on an open ditch," said neighborhood homeowner Marilyn Patton.

The headscratcher is the ditch, or barrier, was part of a phase two development project neighbors said is through the city of Conway.

"First I was told it was going to have concrete culverts," Patton said. "Then I was told it was going to have stones. Then I was told it was going to be a swell, which is a shallow indention in the ground to drain water. But this isn't anything close to drain water; this is a ditch."

Right now, neighbors like Dwaine Kocielniak face a lot of construction to further develop the neighboring property, but do not believe it is a good enough excuse for the ditch.

"We understand that, you know, but we want it done clean and, you know, the grass cut and the only time it gets cut is if we send an email to the city complaining," Kocielniak said.

Patton said residents are mostly used to dead trees and shrubs, and poorly maintained grass

"We have to call and call and call and then someone will come," she said.

The biggest issue for these homeowners is the fact the ditch that was meant to drain water is actually not draining at all. Patton said she has pictures showing mosquitoes and snakes.

"We end up with a lake down towards the end of the property there, where the water sits there for three four days, and it's just not going away," Kocielniak said.

Neighbors said, after attending countless council meetings, making phone calls and voicing their concerns, they are frustrated.

"Initially they would respond. Then they would respond and answer half your questions, and then they didn't respond at all," Patton said.

Kocielniak added the last two emails he sent, he never received a response.

Attempts to reach the Conway mayor and city administrator have been unsuccessful.

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