Trump, Clinton supporters show up to Trump rally in Wilmington

Trump, Clinton supporters show up to Trump rally in Wilmington
(Source: WMBF News)
(Source: WMBF News)
(Source: WMBF News)
(Source: WMBF News)

WILMINGTON, NC (WMBF) - Donald Trump brought his presidential campaign to UNC Wilmington Tuesday. The event drew such a crowd, that hundreds were turned away. WMBF News was there to catch up with some of those who got inside, and some protesters outside.

"We have to respect and cherish our police," Trump said to supporters at the rally. Donald Trump touted his hopes for improved security on the homeland and at the borders, while hitting a host of other topics, in front of the jam-packed UNC Wilmington Trask Coliseum crowd, roughly 5,000 strong.  

Outside, peaceful protestors and Clinton supporters voiced their concern.

"He has the power to say, 'Let's build a wall,' and people say we hate Mexicans, he says let's tackle ISIS, and people say we hate Muslims," said Clinton supporter Carter Jewell.

"I'm all-American, I welcome all peoples, legally," said Carol Ryan, an ardent supporter of Trump who is not afraid to share her hope for a Trump triumph.

"He's a leader, not a boss," Ryan said. "He will bring in the people who know what to do.  [Mayor Rudolph] Giuliani cleaned up New York. Newt Gingrich knows what to do. The VP pick is phenomenal."

UNCW adjunct instructor and Clinton supporter Micah Marty is not so confident.

"I think Trump's pretty radical, even as he assembles a cabinet of more reasonable people, I think he just would be too problematic," Marty said.

But 20-year veteran Richard Wizinski is hopeful Trump can cut in half his three-to-four week delay to get medical help at the VA hospital.

"I think Trump would help, because he can get in and get rid of these crooks," Wizinski said. "You've got these people sitting at these jobs, no one can touch me, he can get in, 'You're fired!'"

As for accusations Trump is losing popularity among educated voters, Duke graduate Laurie Manning, who was at the rally, disagrees.

"You look at how many people are in there, and we're in a school, and you have all these young white women and these older white women, all are educated and they're all voting for Trump," Manning said.

While some say, they don't mind his hiccups along the way, everyone seemed grateful the debate between supporters remained peaceful.

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