Local auto shop offers inspections for prospective Uber drivers

Local auto shop offers inspections for prospective Uber drivers

NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - In order to become an Uber driver, you have to go through a very detailed inspection check, something that's beneficial to the driver and ensures your safety as the rider.

After back-to-back clients talked to GT Auto Works in North Myrtle Beach about how they wanted to become an Uber driver, and the company saw that not one auto repair shop did the job in the area, they figured offering the service would bring in more business.

Mechanics said after you register with Uber, you'll get a checklist. Then, a shop that does Uber inspections has to approve that list before you can pick up passengers. If you pass, you submit the checklist with the mechanic's signature to Uber.

Mechanics said they take the inspection process very seriously because they don't want anyone's safety to be compromised. Brakes and tires are the highest on the checklist, but even needing a minor repair, like an oil change, could mean a failed test.

"If any of those items needed to be fixed we'd have to say it doesn't pass. Naturally, usually we'd give you an estimate - here's what it will take to prepare it - then it would be up to you if you wanted is to prepare it or take it to another shop," GT Auto Works Employee Bruce Mount said.

GT Auto Works said inspections usually take 30 minutes depending on how old your car is. The cost is $65 for only the car inspection.

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