Shoppers cash in on the last day of tax free weekend

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Shoppers cash in on tax free weekend deals.

Shoppers really saw the benefits of tax free weekend when checking out at the register even though some didn't even realize it was tax free weekend until that very moment.

"This was just icing on the cake, I went into Michael Khors to get a bag, and the lady said if you wait till tomorrow it's tax free…so I did," Patrice Skinner said.

While the tax free weekend savings were certainly giving shoppers something to smile about, stores were noticing a bump in sales as more and more shoppers came in to check out their sales.

"Usually the morning shift you could go from anywhere between like $500 and $800. Now, I think we're at, let's see, $1,220 and for the morning that's really good," Lauren Blackmon, a Sales Associate at Current said.

Current is a women's boutique in the Market Common. Lauren Blackmon says Sunday was by far the busiest day of the weekend. For those visiting the area, they couldn't be happier about the tax free weekend because for the Skinners, it's something they've grown so used to being from Delaware.

"It's always tax free I shop all the time and it's funny because when we go out of state, and they are adding taxes on... if it's $23, I'm expecting to pay $ when they tell me it's twenty four whatever, it throws me off so I love the fact that it's tax free," Patrice Skinner said.

Shoppers and store employees agree, tax free weekend can be a huge help.

"It definitely helps a lot... when you have two, three kids, clothes they are growing out of them. You don't want to spend a lot of money on a garment that's only going to last a few months," Skinner added.

Some of the shoppers weren't just talking back to school, some are already looking at getting some Christmas shopping out of the way.

"Definitely, definitely, I got my daughter-in-law a pearl necklace, a bag from charming Charlie's…she's racking up and she doesn't even know it," Skinner said.

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