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"Blue Saints" police officers serve Darlington

Darlington woman with new ramp from Blue Saints group Darlington woman with new ramp from Blue Saints group
Brand new ramp for woman in need. Built by the Blue Saints volunteer police officers Brand new ramp for woman in need. Built by the Blue Saints volunteer police officers

DARLINGTON, SC (WMBF) - One police department is making a difference in their community, and that’s by volunteering their own time to build ramps and railings at homes where people need them most. The Darlington Police Department believe that serving others is the way to show leadership, especially to people who are elderly or have disabilities and can't walk down stairs.

The Darlington Police Chief, Danny Watson is behind the group of officers called, Blue Saints. He said, "We’re in the policing business obviously. We do things of course to enforce the law, we write tickets we put people in jail, you know things like that, but 98 percent of the things we do is really more service related and I mean there’s only so much stuff we can do only so many people and man hours to do it.”

Chief Watson said his officers get down on their hands and knees and work. “Where the real work takes place is those people who are willing to stand up and get out there and do it.” Watson explained, “I tell people all the time. Who do I count on? I count on those who show up and that’s the people you can count on. The people who show up time and time again and that’s what Blue Saints are, we show up.”

The group works on projects all around the city of Darlington and even one in Darlington County. All the material to build the ramps and railings at homes is completely donated by local hardware and lumber stores in the city. More than fifteen hundred dollars worth of screws and hardware was given for free.

The Blue Saints knocked on one Darlington woman’s door and surprised her. Alice Coebess needed immediate help of a brand new ramp along the side of her house. She said, “Yeah highly surprised I said little old me getting a ramp, without asking someone really for it, because I can get in and out my door now better.”

Chief Watson wants to get even more people involved than his group of officers. He said getting the word out to young men in the community that can help out too, and the officers will mentor them. “So they understand the concept of work ethic and community service, how can you make your community a better place," said Watson.

Coebess added, “They blessed my heart, they blessed my heart.”

The Blue Saints will continue with more of the projects as long as there is a need for them. If you know someone who can use a ramp or railing, just call the Darlington Police Department.

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