Use these tips this tax-free weekend

Use these tips this tax-free weekend

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – Tax-free weekend is already underway, and with the new school year less than two weeks away, expect businesses to be flooded with shoppers.

Don't worry about hitting a lot of stores this weekend. In fact, to maximize your savings you should do all your shopping once, at one store, because the more you spend the higher the percent you save in taxes.

Store managers said people will spend anywhere from $100 to $500, depending on the size of their family or how much a person needs.

For students in elementary school, managers say families spend around $50 and that number gets higher for middle and high schoolers.

Store managers said you won't see a sale price on big ticket items like televisions, cell phones and jewelry, so use this weekend for school supplies, clothes, shoes and bedding. Another thing to note, stores say they're preparing to handle big crowds, and you should too.

"We'll be replenishing the floor all day long. So we should have plenty of school supplies for all the guests, but it's always better to come earlier to beat the crowds, beat the rush. But we'll definitely have lot of supplies for everybody," said Target Assistant Manager Ashley Gause.

Shopping tax free is pretty enticing especially with the start of school just around the corner. However, experts said it's important to do your homework before you head out the door so you and your pockets can make the most of this weekend.

How much you're really saving on tax free weekend depends on what you put in your basket.

But before you jump on the first offer, research and compare prices. You can use apps like Target's Cartwheel for instant in-store price comparisons and discounts.

Check coupons that you can print out at home but also make sure to check your phone for mobile coupons that don't require printing. It's also important to set a budget. It's easy to get caught up in the excitement of a sale and spend more than you need to.

And remember tax items are designated by state, which means not everything you see this weekend qualifies for an exemption.

"Every year we have a lot of guests who confuse what's going to be tax free. Items like a television is not going to be tax free. But all of your basic school supply items, everything you need for back to school, your clothes, shoes and of course school supplies will be tax free," Gause said.

Remember tax free weekend is a thing of the past in North Carolina so expect a lot of traffic on the roads and in the stores this weekend.

Click here for a full list of tax-exempt items from the South Carolina Department of Revenue.

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