Burroughs Company gives big gift to Conway

Burroughs Company gives big gift to Conway

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - The city of Conway is getting a big gift in the form of prime real estate.

The Burroughs Company handed a big chunk of riverfront property over to help develop the area quicker. It is a project that has been a long time in the making.

"It's taken us two-and-a-half years to get to where we are," said Egerton Burroughs, president of the Burroughs Company.

At no charge to the city, Burroughs Company handed over the land by the Peanut Warehouse stretching to the Kingston Lake Bridge, behind the restaurants, to the city of Conway.

In turn, the city is keeping building zones on the waterfront to build new businesses.

"The largest path is large enough for a  hotel, a hundred units," Burroughs said.

Burroughs Company and the city hope the largest space of land will be home to a hotel.  There is currently a 'for sale' sign sitting on the property..

Burroughs said he envisions an ice cream shop, businesses with apartments on top and more places to eat.  He hopes the old Jerry Cox building will soon have tenants, adding people have been looking at the building to potentially build lofts.

Jerry Cox building is part of the reason Burroughs Company has been in financial distress, since it went downhill and needed a lot of expensive repairs.

The same happened to other historical buildings like the Peanut Warehouse and where Bonfire Restaurant is. Both were restored and renovated by others.

Burroughs said this is the opportunity for the city to plan the area to build it up because, in the past, it has been hard to build when who owns what has been a gray area.

"It's the opportunity now to take the Riverwalk up behind the Jerry Cox building to the Kingston Lake bridge, and that was part of the things that the city insisted on," Burroughs said.

People at the Riverwalk said they are open to the growth.  If there is one thing they would change about Conway, it would be to have a choice of eateries along one of the most popular places to enjoy the city's natural beauty.

"The restaurants are a good idea," said Conway resident Ron Bauer. "We bunk down here and we kind of wish there was something, you know, even if it was hamburgers, hot dogs, something like that. Just to sit around with the dog."

Other people walking along the water also said they would love to see more restaurants pop up along the Waccamaw.

Burroughs said he would like to see a brewery built along the water.

Bonfire restaurant owner Dennis Smith told WMBF News Bonfire will definitely be coming back to the area and that he cannot wait to rebuild.

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