Deal Diva: Things to know before SC tax-free weekend

Deal Diva: Things to know before SC tax-free weekend
Steve Massey, Target Store Team Leader.
Steve Massey, Target Store Team Leader.

HORRY COUNTY, SC  (WMBF) - The 17th annual South Carolina Tax Free Weekend Starts Friday August 5-7.  According to the South Carolina Board of Economic Advisers, shoppers are expected to save an estimated $2.25 million.

The tax holiday includes three days of shopping for qualifying items such as school supplies, clothing, footwear. Retailers like Target, Best Buy and Walmart have extra savings for specific items this weekend to get shoppers in the door.

One Myrtle Beach retailer says they are already busy to trying to keep the shelves stocked, as shoppers are not waiting for the weekend.

"We're getting two more trucks in before [this weekend], and we're constantly doing everything we can to get that product out of the back room, so it's just a continuous process of making sure we're doing everything can to keep the sales floor full," explained Steve Massey, Store Team Leader for Target.

Before hitting the stores, there are a few things to keep in mind when shopping tax-free weekend.

There are several items that qualify as tax-free, besides school supplies.

Items such as baby diapers, clothes and shoes are included. Swimsuits and underwear are exempt, and even bridal gowns and tuxedos, as long as they are purchased and not rented.

Athletic or sporting uniforms, hair bows, and hair accessories make the list and pillows and pillow cases are too exempt.

Massey says next to Black Friday, tax-free weekend is one of the top busiest times of the year for retailers. Massey said, "When you consider the number of transactions, and the number of people that are in here doing their shopping its ranks right up there."

Massey says even college students will benefit from the savings this weekend. Massey said, "You also got the other things that you don't normally consider as far as back-to-school, such as your college dorm type stuff, you've got your computers, your microwave, your door mats, and it's just anything that you can find in a dorm room, your plastics and stuff, those are things the guests really come in here for."

It is not just computers, computer software, printers, and printer supplies will also be tax-free.

However, digital cameras, cell phones, computer parts, such as monitors or keyboards, and furniture will be taxed.

Online sales are also tax exempt in South Carolina.

For a complete list of all tax-free items click here.

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