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Nonprofit seeks volunteers to teach less-privileged kids the cultural arts

(Source: WMBF News) (Source: WMBF News)
(Source: WMBF News) (Source: WMBF News)
(Source: WMBF News) (Source: WMBF News)
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MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - A Myrtle Beach nonprofit is looking for artistically-inclined community volunteers to help teach less-privileged kids and teens.

Just off Joe White Avenue and Carver Street in Myrtle Beach is a small, nondescript building. It is the Myrtle Beach Colored School Museum, and it is also where the Grand Strand Cultural Arts Foundation operates.

The foundation gives less-privileged kids in the community the opportunity they might not otherwise get, to learn and practice arts during the summer and school seasons. There's no shortage of history on the walls, photographs and arts and crafts across the shelves, but what they could use more of, is volunteers from the community.

"If anyone would like to volunteer with any of the programs, I would like to have them," said Fannie Brown, Co-Founder of Grand Strand Cultural Arts Foundation. "Music, choir, art, might have someone that can do private lessons with piano..."

There are also drama and theater classes, a garden club and photography.

The program is volunteer-based. And Brown, also the executive director at the museum, says in a given week there may be 60 kids that come to classes.
Each night has a different focus. The program for the summer is about to switch to a new weekly program for back-to-school in the fall.

With enough volunteers to help the children, they are able to go on field-trips and help the kids master the arts.

Anyone interested in getting involved can call the museum at 843-918-4905.

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