Vaccinations aren’t just for kids going back to school

Vaccinations aren’t just for kids going back to school

FLORENCE, SC (WMBF) – Now is the time to get children vaccinated for school.

While taking a child to get vaccinated, parents need to make sure they are up to date on shots as well, so they do not run the risk of getting sick.

"August is a very good time period to see your pediatrician and again getting caught up on the vaccinations that maybe were missed or even getting those vaccinations finalized. And again critical time periods are six to eight months a year and and four to six years old," said Dr. Temujin Chavez, with the Carolinas Hospital Systems.

If parents cannot remember the last time they or their child was vaccinated, the Centers for Disease Control has a link on its web page that will allow them to check their vaccination history.

Chavez said a lot of times people think about vaccinations and how they impact children. However, if someone is not properly vaccinated, illness can be spread on planes or even to people with lower immune systems.

"There are honestly a lot of vaccines and it's very difficult for any parent or even a physician sometimes to keep up with when time periods of vaccines," Chavez said. "But generally there are certain critical time periods - six months, 12 months and again at the age of 4 to six - (that) are critical times for children."

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