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How to prevent heat exhaustion

Doctors say the heat can be dangerous so it is imperative to be aware and cautious while exposed. (Source: WMBF News) Doctors say the heat can be dangerous so it is imperative to be aware and cautious while exposed. (Source: WMBF News)

NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - The National Weather Service said heat is the No. 1 weather-related killer in the U.S., and with the scorching temperatures the Grand Strand and Pee Dee have had this week, heat exhaustion can happen very quickly.

Although everyone has their opinions about the scorching temperatures, most still find themselves hanging around outside.

For residents who do decide to brave it out at the beach or the pool this weekend, doctors have a few warnings.

They advise, if possible, to stay in the an air conditioned area, or seek shade from the sun and wear loose, light-colored clothing. 

People should also drink the right fluids periodically throughout the day and not simply when they are thirsty. 

Experts say people suffer because they don’t take care of themselves when they get too hot and then become vulnerable to heat exhaustion and heat stroke.

With that being said, doctors stressed it is important to pay extra attention to children and the elderly. If someone around is not sweating, is acting confused, gets dizzy or complains about having a headache, people need to take action.

"Your body only has so much capability to maintain its normal body temperature. Once you exceed those limitations, then basically you’re not able to sweat, not able to produce those elements that allow you to give off heat, and then your body temperature starts to rise," Dr. Ronald Reynolds, with Beach and Family Urgent Care, said. “Once that happens, it starts to affect various organ systems. Your heart, your nervous system and both of those could potentially be deadly if not treated."

Heat exhaustion is something that is very common this time of year, so residents need to take precautions in order to prevent a trip to the doctor’s office.

If someone is suffering from heat exhaustion, doctors recommend moving them to a cooler place and giving them plenty of fluids.

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