Deal Diva: How to save on textbooks

Deal Diva: How to save on textbooks

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - College kids are already getting ready to go back to school and textbooks can be a huge burden on the wallet.

Still, there are a few options to save money.

Before students buy textbooks, they should talk with their instructor to see if it is really needed. Some professors do not use the textbook, or replace it with other material.

For more than 20 years, the owners of ACE University Bookstore in Conway have prided themselves on being able to save students and parents a few bucks on a college education.

"We probably sell 80 percent of our books as used," said Rusty Elvington, co-owner of ACE University Bookstore.

Elvington said staff search the country looking for used books, adding students can save between 20 to 25 percent when they buy used.

"If there is a used book out there available in a wholesale or anywhere online, we will do our best to get it and bring here to Coastal to save the students some money," said Elvington.

At the independent bookstore, students can buy certain books and return them at the end of the semester for a partial refund as part of the, "Half Back Guarantee" program.

However, if buying is not an option, students cant try renting.

"We probably rent about 50 percent of our inventory to students each semester, and that gives them a bunch of different options," Elvington said. "So, we have the half back guarantee option, we have the rental option, and then the new and used option."

Those seeking additional options can find them online.

With Amazon Prime, students can buy books and trade them back at the end of the semester. In return, they can receive a gift card.

Check out, which is a college student hub that lets students rent textbooks, even digital formats, relatively cheap.

Another option is to search and see if the textbook is available as an e-book.

Lastly, students can check their public library to see if the book is available.

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