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Grant will go to improvements in Booker T. Washington neighborhood

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Both the City of Myrtle Beach and leaders across the community have made a point to try to drive improvement and growth in the Booker T. Washington neighborhood in Myrtle Beach, and now they’re getting more financial help in the form of a grant.

The Booker T. Washington neighborhood has great cultural meaning to Myrtle Beach, as it saw the music and dance scene thrive decades ago. But it's gone on a downward slope since then, as historic spots like Charlie's Place fell into disrepair and crime went up.

The Community Garden of Hope has become the heartbeat of the neighborhood. In the midst of revitalization efforts, others are coming together to make that heart beat a little stronger. 

The city put the community garden of hope in the area in 2015 to bring something unique to the Booker T. Washington neighborhood. It's an effort community groups are getting behind-- donating thousands of dollars so that trees can be planted around the park.

TD Bank and the Arbor Day Foundation are jointly donating a $6,000 grant to plant at least 30 trees at the garden.

The park is a place where the community can grow its own food.

Many kids that go to the Boys and Girls Club across the street get their four community service hours each month by picking up around the park. They say they look forward to more trees for shade, and for climbing and reading.

"Revitalization in this area is coming along quite nicely,” Dione Buonto, CEO of the Boys and Girls Club of the Grand Strand said. “You know, we've been here for a long time. And with the kids here, it's been a great opportunity to see this area kind of continue to progress and move forward in a positive direction."

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