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City council considers big changes for Myrtle Beach parking, businesses

Changes are called for the Golden Mile, Myrtle Beach businesses and The Market Common. (Source: WMBF News) Changes are called for the Golden Mile, Myrtle Beach businesses and The Market Common. (Source: WMBF News)

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Myrtle Beach residents or those who try to park along Ocean Boulevard could soon notice some changes within the city.

The Myrtle Beach City Council voted Tuesday to pass the first readings of two new ordinances, which call for changes to the Golden Mile, Myrtle Beach businesses and The Market Common, although only discussions were held for the latter.

The "no parking" rule for both sides of Ocean Boulevard from 31st Avenue North and up is not set to change, as city council took the first steps to finalize that Tuesday.

Tourists frequently vacation along the Grand Strand noted the parking changes are confusing. One noted that she misses the easy parking she had been used to when she stayed near the 48th Avenue North beach access.

"It makes it hard. I don't know where to go, so it makes it hard," said Theresa Baker, a visitor from Maryland. "If we pull out of here, I don't know where we could go to find a place to go to the beach. Or, I'm going to call and see how to pay it and see what it's going to be to at least park here without a permit." 

Baker added she does not want to go closer to downtown Myrtle Beach to enjoy the ocean.  

Another change on the table for discussion has to do with driving lanes on Ocean Boulevard. Mark Kruea, spokesperson for Myrtle Beach, said council has discussed what to do with the increases in local bicyclists and tourists bringing bikes with them to the city for vacation.  

City officials wants to change the lanes from 31st Avenue North and up from four lanes to two, with a middle turn lane and bike lanes on either side.  

Kruea said this change would most likely happen after the Labor Day, if passed.  The city called the Golden Mile changes, "a work in progress."

Also on Tuesday, city council passed the first reading of an ordinance aimed at holding business owners more responsible for maintaining their property.

Right now, tax dollars are being used to clean up unkempt, commercially-owned properties.

The proposed ordinance requires the city to post a sign when such a property is found. The owner would then have seven days to clean it up.  

If he or she does not maintain the property, the city would clean it through a contractor and the owner would have 15 days to pay the bill. 

In the event of nonpayment within the allotted time, the business license can be suspended until payment is received.

Kruea said it is not right to use the public's money for yard work, noting it is hard for the city to get that money back.

"Some of the property owners aren't taking as good of care of their property, particularly the back sides, as the public would want them to," Kruea said. "This gives us a little extra muscle to make sure if they don't do it, we can do it, and we can recover the public's money from that property owner that we've spent to clean up that property." 

In The Market Common, local shops on the townhomes side are calling themselves the Soho District.  

Council was presented with the idea to put up directional signs on certain corners of The Market Common to direct those visitors to the local shops who are not getting as much foot traffic.  

The Soho district has also had new flags installed, letting people know they are entering the area, thereby increasing the walkability of the area. The improvements will be paid for by the Soho business owners, not the city.  

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