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Playground for children with disabilities vandalized with spray-paint of 'Pokemon Go' characters

Image of the vandalism. (Source: Jonathan Dick) Image of the vandalism. (Source: Jonathan Dick)
Another image of the vandalism. (Source: Jonathan Dick) Another image of the vandalism. (Source: Jonathan Dick)

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – For the second time this year, Savannah’s Playground, a multi-million-dollar playground designed for children with disabilities being built in the Market Common area, has been vandalized. This time, vandals tagged the area around the playground with names of characters from the popular "Pokemon Go" mobile game.

Myrtle Beach Police responded to the playground just after 3 a.m. Tuesday morning, and met with someone who said they saw the suspects walking around and spray-painting items all over the park. The witness said the suspects were white males, about 17 to 19 years old, wearing dark clothing. The witness said they saw the suspects leave in a silver truck heading towards Farrow Parkway.

While walking around, the responding officer noticed multiple items spray-painted with "profane and obscene gestures." A WMBF News photographer captured images of the spray-painted tags on the sidewalk near the playground, which were names of characters from Pokemon Go, including "Pikachu," and "Swinub." The "Rattata" Pokemon is also misspelled "Rattatat."  A large, red drawing the male anatomy was also spray-painted on the sidewalk.

The report notes that the damaged property included the sidewalk, two electrical boxes, a water fountain, two signs, two trees, playground equipment, and a port-o-john.

Savannah’s Playground was also vandalized back in January – someone wrote ““[EXPLETIVE] – U PUT BACK TREES U RIPPED -OFF- TEAR DOWN THIS EYE-SORE” on a sign that showed a map of the playground.

The playground is designed for kids with disabilities, but anyone can play on it. It was named after 19-year-old Savannah Thompson. She lives in Myrtle Beach and has Williams Syndrome.

The playground is not open yet, but city officials said last week that they are looking at a "soft opening" for the park at the end of July. 

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