South Carolina Youth Advocate Program helps coordinate foster homes

South Carolina Youth Advocate Program helps coordinate foster homes

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - If you're thinking about fostering and adopting a child, but you're afraid of the huge responsibility that comes with it, there is a local program to help guide the way.

On Monday's edition of Today's Topic on News at 4 p.m., we sat down with Felicia Green, a recruiter with the South Carolina Youth Advocate Program to learn more.

She says prospective foster parents can go online to to find an informative website, which includes a form for online inquiries, and someone will give a call back. They will walk through the process of the requirements, such as background and medical checks, and basically, the qualities of a foster parent, Green said.

Green said that as a recruiter, she's looking for genuine people who have a whole-hearted desire to help children, and who are not looking just for monetary gain.

"We want to make sure because kids who are in foster care are already experiencing traumatic events so we do not want to bring them into another home that is not screened and have to experience it all over again," Green said.

The background checks involved include: Federal, FBI, fingerprinting, sexual offender checklist, national, local, and a CPS/DSS training to make sure there is no history of child abuse or neglect. They also make sure the home is suitable for placement, to ensure there are available bedrooms, and DHEC does a fire inspection to make sure the home is sound, Green said.

Again, the website for prospective foster and adoptive parents is:

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