South Carolina delegates arrive at Democratic National Convention

South Carolina delegates arrive at Democratic National Convention

PHILADELPHIA, PA (WMBF) – Many delegates from South Carolina are referring to this year's Democratic National Convention as a historic moment.
"We are nominating the first woman. I think we will make history, and this is the most unique and special convention for me," said Sally Howard, the former chair of the Horry County Democratic Party.

Howard, who is now a state executive committee member, made her vote official Monday morning, before the gavel to start the convention dropped around 4 p.m.

Though this marks Howard's ninth convention with the party, she is not expecting it to be like the others.

"In fact, we just signed our forms this morning that actually cast our ballot to be turned in. I signed my vote for Hillary and I was so proud to do that," she said.

Howard added she was accompanied by many other South Carolina representatives.

"We have a full delegation and from what I understand we have a very good location on the floor from where the seats are," she explained.

Howard explained about 75 percent of South Carolina's delegates are for Clinton, while 25 percent were for Bernie Sanders. However, she expects that to change tremendously after the first night of the convention.

"Well I feel that we will come out with a completely unified convention in support for her and I'm sure Bernie is going to do a lot for that tonight (Monday) in his speech," she said.

Howard urged everyone to watch this week and see the differences between the Republican National Convention and the DNC for themselves.

"Well, I think she (Clinton) will show a true comparison as to what she stands for and what she will fight for, for the people, and I think you will see that and I urge people to watch just to hear the difference."

South Carolina Democratic Party Chairman Jaime Harrison also talked differences Monday, saying he was one of six South Carolinians taking the national stage throughout the DNC.

Harrison believed the 2016 DNC will be a more accurate depiction of both South Carolina and America.

"You'll see a convention that looks like America, that looks like South Carolina," he said. "With all of the diversity in our state, you''ll see that diversity on the stage and in the audience here in Philadelphia."

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