Loris robbery victims talk about being locked in freezer

Loris robbery victims talk about being locked in freezer
A Loris McDonald's was the site of an armed robbery this week. (Source: WMBF News)
A Loris McDonald's was the site of an armed robbery this week. (Source: WMBF News)

LORIS, SC (WMBF) - Three young women said they now live in fear after being victims of an armed robbery at a Loris McDonald's restaurant.

The robbery happened around 2:15 a.m., on July 18 at the restaurant located on S.C. 701 in Loris.

Madison Neal, 17, Rosheta Bell, 17, and Jennifer Page, 20, were all closing the restaurant. According to a police report, the women were at their vehicles when two men wearing masks and holding guns forced them out of their vehicles and back inside the store.

"He (the suspect) came to the window, told me to unlock the car and get out," Neal said. "Jennifer was over by her car trying to call the police, and then he came to my back window trying to unlock my doors, and he said, 'If you call the police, I am going to shoot her,' talking to Jennifer while pointing the gun at me."

Bell said she tried to run from the suspects, but they chased her.

"I took my Frappe and threw it at him, and I was taking my pocketbook and hitting him." said Bell. "He grabbed my arm and bent it back."

Bell suffered minor injuries that has her left arm in a sling.

Neal said the suspects forced Page, who was the closing manager early that morning, to open the restaurant's safe.

"He pushed us inside all the way to the safe and made us sit on the floor," Neal said.

The Horry County police report stated after the suspects got money out of the safe, they forced the women inside the freezer after patting them down and taking away a cell phone and a pen..

"They put us in the cooler, and put something behind the cooler door," Neal said.

The women said the suspects threatened to kill them if they opened the freezer door. So, they did the best thing they could do in their situation.

"We basically just tried to stay strong," said Neal.

For more than two hours, the girls were locked inside the freezer. The police report said once they were found, two victims were taken to the hospital by ambulance.

Neal said when she closes the restaurant, she normally texts her mother to tell her she is leaving.

Her mother never received a text message from her daughter, and when Neal wasn't in her bedroom, she said her mom immediately came to the restaurant looking for her.

"I never texted her because I never got the chance to sit down in my car and text her." Neal said.

Bell, Page and Neal all said they cannot sleep at night and they constantly look over their shoulder.

The ladies said they are also hurt and disturbed by the comments and jokes they have seen on social media making fun of what happened to them.

"It made me cry, and it made me mad, because they are trying to make a joke about it," Page said.

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