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CCU's national title could bring new success to Conway area

Hundreds of fans gathered at the TD Sports Complex to cheer on the Chants after their CWS victory. (Source: WMBF News) Hundreds of fans gathered at the TD Sports Complex to cheer on the Chants after their CWS victory. (Source: WMBF News)

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) – The Coastal Carolina Chanticleer baseball team’s new national title could mean new business success for the areas surrounding the university. Since the team went to the College World Series, a local company is fielding more interested buyers for different properties for sale along Highway 501 and SC 544.

TRADD Commercial is a company that provides commercial brokerage and property management services. One of the company’s advisors, Adam Cates, explains they try to find the best location for potential buyers to call home in the Grand Strand.

For years, the company has been marketing different properties along Highway 501. Cates said he normally got a few calls a month on some of the different properties for sale in the area. But once CCU hit the limelight in Omaha, he said he got a few calls a day. And since the team was crowned national champions, Cates said the number of calls the company has gotten from interested buyers from across the country has easily doubled.

One plot of vacant land getting a lot of attention is in Conway city limits along Highway 501 North, just past the Wild Wing Plantation. It used to be an apartment complex, but was torn down after it turned into an eyesore and is now for sale, said Cates. The owner of the property is a bank from West Virginia, but Cates is the local representative to help find the right buyer. He said for this property, there are a few companies interested in developing it as more student housing.

"It takes big money to come in and buy a property of this size and pull this kind of project off,” said Cates. “I mean, we're talking about something in excess of $20 million. Other than on the oceanfront, we don't have a lot of projects like that around here. We're excited about it. We're excited to see people with those kinds of resources take interest in our community."

Cates said there are also plans for a grocery store to be built right next to what could be that new student housing on Highway 501. And the progress could continue into the city of Conway.

Cates said it used to be that if a company was coming to the Grand Strand, the owners would head straight to the beach to develop. Then the progress moved to Carolina Forest. Now, Cates said, it’s Conway’s turn. He said as the market is recovering, there’s a housing boom in the area and that encourages businesses to plant roots. And this could be an opportunity for property owners to take advantage of in the area.

"There's a lot of people that I think would like – that may have some property that they may want to sell. They may need to sell! It's good that we're getting to a point where the market is recovering as such. As we can help these folks out,” said Cates.

When it comes to the immediate success that Coastal Carolina University is seeing after the big win, university leaders say it’s too soon to tell if it will have an impact on boosting enrollment. But that is something they hope for.

The national title is having an impact on the university’s social media reach and engagement. According to the social media coordinator, Brent Reser, the school’s Facebook page had a reach of 3.3 million during the World Series Finals week. And the university’s Instagram account grew by 25 percent during the same week. For the entire month of June, the school’s Twitter account received 2.25 million impressions. Reser said if it wasn’t for the College World Series run, the school probably would not have hit these quotas until the end of the academic year.

And it’s not just a growing reach, more people are talking about the win, the excitement, and the area. “Instead of our audience just ‘liking’ and ‘following’ us, we have had a major engagement as social media users have sent in countless videos, photos, gifs, and more,” said Reser. That user-generated content means more people are talking about CCU and Conway. And that could be making new impressions on prospective students and prospective developers alike.

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