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Share locations of Pokemon you've caught on our interactive map

Screenshot of our Pokemap (Source: Google Maps) Screenshot of our Pokemap (Source: Google Maps)

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Pokemon Go is an overnight sensation, allowing Pokemon hunters young and old to find the virtual creatures out in the real world and catch 'em all. Show other Pokemon trainers in the area where you caught your Pokemon in our local area on the map above.

CNN reports that the Pokemon Go smartphone app is "already more popular than Tinder and is soon to outperform Twitter on Android. It's also the top free app and the top grossing app in the U.S. iPhone App Store." It's a top trending topic in the Myrtle Beach area on both Twitter and Facebook.

If you have no idea what Pokemon are, or what Pokemon Go is, simply explained: the app is based on a Nintendo video game franchise and popular kid's cartoon in the late 90s and 2000s. The new app allows players to venture out into the real world and capture Pokemon (which translates to "pocket monsters") in the real world, and add them to their collection. Players can also visit "Pokestops," at real-world locations, such as churches and parks, to obtain items, and battle over control of gyms, which allow users to make their Pokemon more powerful. Read more about it here.

Still with us?

We wanted to give budding Pokemon hunters in our local area a place to share locations of Pokemon they've captured, as well as a place to post Pokestops and Gyms that they've encountered. Above you can find a fully-editable Google Map of the Grand Strand, where you can add info. Make sure to take a picture of your Pokemon in the world and include it with the map marker!

To add a Pokemon, Pokestop, or Gym location, follow these steps on a desktop or laptop computer:

1. Click the square in the upper-right corner to view the map full-screen

2.Click "Edit" on the legend on the left-hand side of the map

3. Click the "Add Marker" icon below the search bar on the map

4. Place the marker on the map, and enter the Pokemon's name, or "Pokestop" or "Gym" - you can also add additional tips and info in the Description section below the name

5. If it is a Pokestop or Gym, drag the icon down to the corresponding section of the map's legend

6. (Optional) Add an icon for your Pokemon with the Style option on the map marker

Note that you will need to edit the map on the desktop computer - it does not appear the Google Map app on Android or iOS supports editing at this time.

You can view a full-screen version of this map here.

Please note that the data on this map may not be accurate and is not directly tied to the game - it is all reported by users in our area. Please be respectful and civil, and report any inappropriate content on this map to Happy hunting!

Share tips for your fellow trainers in the comments section below.

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