Myrtle Beach dance centre offers camp with a cartoon twist

Dance Camp with a Cartoon Twist part 2

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – Introducing kids to the arts while keeping them active can be a real challenge.

This summer, Coastal Dance Centre in Myrtle Beach and Murrells Inlet is offering a creative solution - a summer dance camp with an animated twist.

"This week we're doing dancing with 'Dory and Nemo,'" said instructor Danielle Espana. "We're having a blast, especially since the movie just came out.  After that we have several other camps.  Some of them are even Disney-themed.  We have 'Cinderella' and 'Rapunzel' coming up, 'Minnie and Friends'. I think after that we even do 'My Little Pony', which is really popular right now."

The camps are each a week long, and encourage students to explore movement, creativity and musicality while building dance skills and arts appreciation.

Parents can expect their boys or girls to also engage in active play, story time, and crafts.

"We do an hour dance class from nine to ten, and of course we theme it to what we're talking about this week.  So if we're dancing with 'Dory and Nemo', I make sure that all the exercises they're learning have to do with undersea friends," Espana said. "You know we jump over waves, we learn how to jump, or we point our toes in the sand and we lift it up because it's hot."

The goal for Coastal Dance Centre, which is a professional school, is to introduce arts to the children in a fun and relaxed way.  Espana said the camps are for anyone aged 3 to 8.

"We can wet their appetite for dance and see if they'd love to do it, like we love to teach it," she said.

For a full schedule of camps, as well as pricing, click here.

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