Restaurant Scorecard: Flies found at two area restaurants

Restaurant Scorecard: Flies found at two area restaurants

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – Restaurant Scorecard is back! We've pulled reports for some popular restaurants around our area, and found earning high marks from the Department of Health, and who isn't.

The Great Wall Chinese Restaurant in Georgetown scored a 79 out of 100 points from inspectors with the Department of Health and Environmental Control. Among the violations noted in the report were: raw chicken was stored over ready-to-eat egg rolls, the underside of the cutting board was "excessively soiled with accumulation of food and liquid residues," a bin of noodles was not being cooled at the correct rate, cold food was not being held at the correct temperature, a food-date marking system was not in place, a chemical bottle was not labeled, and bins of food were being stored on the floor of the walk-in cooler. The restaurant received a "B" grade from inspectors.

The Pizza Heaven in Myrtle Beach also received a "B" with a score of 85 from inspectors. The report noted that the cooler was not cooling, and there was no ice machine or cooler as a backup. The owner told inspectors they would voluntarily close until the next inspection to validate that the cooler is functional.

Shoney's in Myrtle Beach scored an 83 from DHEC. The report states that flies were seen throughout the kitchen and prep areas, no hand towels were present at and hand sink in the kitchen, prep area, or wait area, several buffet items were not being held at the correct temperature, several items did not have discard dates, and there was an excessive build-up of grease around the fryer and grill, among other violations.

Jade Hibachi in Conway received an 81 on their follow-up inspection. The inspector noted that the front and back doors of the restaurant were left open almost all day, and the air conditioning seemed to be unused, resulting in flies everywhere, including on the food. The inspector also said there was a black mold at the drink machine, the walk-in freezer was left propped open with a garbage can to keep the kitchen staff cool, and there was a mildew build-up in the base of the drink machine where the water drains. Several other violations were also noted.

Chipotle Mexican Grill in Myrtle Beach on South Commons Drive received a perfect 100 score. St. Clements Grill in Myrtle Beach received a near-perfect 97, as did K & W Cafeteria in Myrtle Beach.

You can view each of this week's Restaurant Scorecard inspection reports in PDF format below:

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