Horry County Register of Deeds cited for leaving scene of accident

Horry County Register of Deeds cited for leaving scene of accident

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – Marion Foxworth, the Horry County Register of Deeds and a former county councilmember was arrested and issued a traffic citation in Myrtle Beach Sunday night for allegedly leaving the scene of an accident, according to online police records.

Foxworth, 56, was arrested at 8:34 p.m. in the 300 block of South Kings Highway by Myrtle Beach Police on the traffic charge, state Myrtle Beach Police records.

Foxworth said he "bonked" a car that was illegally parked across three parking spaces in the Walgreen's parking lot.

"It was an unfortunate situation," Foxworth said. "If I had realized I had done damage, I would have hung around. There was no damage to the car I was driving; I didn't see any damage to the other car."

Foxworth said the owner of the other car called police, and they issued him a traffic citation for leaving the scene of an accident involving an unattended vehicle. He said they carried him to the police station and he received a fine.

Foxworth said his license is in good standing, and he was not drinking.

Foxworth was a long-time member of the Horry County Council until August 2015, when he was appointed Horry County Register of Deeds.

"After nearly 14 years on council, tonight was rather bitter sweet," Foxworth said at the time of hos appointment. "It's sweet in that I've been offered a new opportunity and a new challenge and I look forward to doing that...to represent and serve the people of Horry County.But it's bitter in that I leave a job I love dearly."

In 2007, Foxworth was charged with loitering for prostitution, but that charge was later dismissed when officials in the case said they would not proceed with a trial after reviewing the evidence. Foxworth was arrested after Myrtle Beach Police said he picked up a prostitute on the corner of Myrtle Street and Collins Street in Myrtle Beach. Foxworth said he was simply offering a ride to a woman who asked for one.

"The fact that this went on for over a year and a half, took its toll," Foxworth said about how the charges and accusation affected his life and his family.

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