Fourth of July: How to keep your Independence Day safe

Fourth of July: How to keep your Independence Day safe

MYRTLE BEACH (WMBF) - With transportation officials forecasting the Fourth of July holiday weekend to break traffic volume records, law enforcement officials are beefing up security to keep residents and visitors safe on the roads.

Officers said this holiday is one of the most dangerous to be out on the roads.

According to AAA, 43 million Americans are expected to travel this Independence Day weekend. A number of those 43 million Americans will likely head to our shores.

"It's going to be a long weekend so many individuals have Monday off. So we are expecting a large influx of people in town this weekend," said Lieutenant Joey Crosby with the Myrtle Beach Police Department.

This travel frenzy is also fueled by lower gas prices. Officers will be out in full force looking for aggressive drivers, speeders, those not wearing seat belts and those who may be driving under the influence.

"As usual we'll have officers down on the waterfront area, which is the area nearest Ocean Boulevard. So that way officers are highly visible in that location because we have a lot of tourists and a lot of citizens that go down the beach area," Crosby said.

One man driving to the area from North Carolina said he's already noticed people slamming on breaks, speeding and cutting in and out of traffic.

"One thing I did was try to stay off everyone's bumper, and just set cruise control right at the speed limit and just chill. I mean it's a five-hour drive so there was no need of rushing," said Michael Beck.

Officers want to remind drivers to keep distractions to a minimum and be patient and courteous while dealing with higher than normal traffic volume. One woman from Greenville, South Carolina had some advice of her own.

"You just have to keep your eyes open about your people. And if they seem like they're nervous or something, get away from them," said Mary Weather.

Law enforcement said there are too many options for alternative transportation and zero excuses for someone to get drunk behind the wheel. Officers said they want to knock on no one's door this weekend to say a loved one has been killed in a preventable crash.

Call STAR-HP or 911 to report dangerous driving.

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