Six months later, no closure for family of woman shot in Myrtle Beach Mall parking lot

Six months later, no closure for family of woman shot in Myrtle Beach Mall parking lot

LITTLE RIVER, SC (WMBF) - Frances Mae Davis' room sits frozen in time in her daughter's house.

"I just can't even bring myself to move the furniture around," Michele Gagne said.

Davis' work uniform remains hung up on the back of her bedroom door.

"I still go in there once in a while and smell them for her perfume," Shelly Wells said.

Davis' daughters' grief also stands still as they hold onto hope for answers in her murder.

In January, Davis was found shot to death in the parking lot of Myrtle Beach Mall and her purse missing. It happened one day before her 79th birthday.

"How do you move forward?" Gagne said. "That's my biggest problem. I can't move forward. I'm still stuck here trying to figure it out."

Gagne and Wells go to counseling once a week, as well as to a program called Grief Share.

"It doesn't really address everything we need because we're victims of a murder, but it does help a little bit," Gagne said.

They said daily tasks are a struggle.

"When I have to go out by myself, because there are moments that I have to, and it's a lot of anxiety to get to the store or whatever I'm doing and you feel that something is going to happen to you," Wells said.

Even when they are safe at home, they're victim to their own memories.

"I think about what happened. I find myself laying there saying. 'Mom, I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry,'" Wells said. "I know that I didn't cause it, but the anxiety and stress of, 'If I just wouldn't have stopped.'"

Gagne put together a garden in her backyard in honor of Davis.

"It feels like you can talk to her because she's here," she said.

Gagne and Wells wish they could hear what Davis has to say back to know who took her away from them.

"I need answers," Gagne said. "I don't know if I'll ever get the answers and I'll have to face that eventually, but I'm just not ready to face that right now."

"I just want the person caught," Wells said. "I may not ever know why they did this, but I just want that person caught."

Gagne and Wells are doing everything they can think of to encourage someone to come forward.

They sent out 5,000 postcards in the mail and 30,000 flyers in coupon booklets.

They continue to drop off posters at convenience stores and drive around with signs on the sides of their cars.

They recently made a Facebook page, 'Justice for Frances Mae Davis', that they're paying for to ensure the posts will circulate to Facebook users around the country because they're not sure where the person responsible lives.

They're also working on a website.

The family will match the ATF's reward of $10,000, so the total reward is $20,000 for information leading to an arrest and conviction in the case.

Call the Horry County Police Department with any information at (843) 915-TIPS.

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