Coastal Carolina sees social media activity skyrocket through College World Series

Coastal Carolina sees social media activity skyrocket through College World Series

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) – The Chanticleers' run through the College World Series has led to tremendous growth for Coastal Carolina University on social media.

The man who oversees social media posts for all of CCU described the vibe on social media with one word - pride.

"Besides being in Omaha, I think I have the best seat that anyone could possibly have," said Brent Reser, the university's social media and online marketing coordinator.

Reser said he sees exactly what people all tweeting, posting and liking throughout CCU's run in the College World Series.

He's keeping a close eye on all social media platforms, from Instagram and Facebook, to Twitter and Snap Chat.

While the Chants continue to get shout-outs from the Carolina Panthers, ESPN, Gov. Nikki Haley and others across the nation, Reser can't help but notice a common theme.

"Everybody loves the underdog and Coastal Carolina University has really embraced that role, and it's a great story," Reser said.

It is a story told over and over through social media.

"You're sending out an image, you're sending out a tweet that is kind of like a power statement and people gravitate towards that," Reser said. "It's simple but it's to the point and people can really jump on board."

From sending selfies to pictures of the nation's tiniest Chanticleer fans, thousands are doing just that. That includes using social media to get to know the players and become a part of their quirky dugout rituals, which includes an inflatable shark and a stuffed monkey called Rafiki.

In fact, Reser released some of the social media analytics CCU's pages have seen through the month of June. Twitter impressions were already up almost 83%, there were 1.3 million. Mentions have gone up 371 percent. As for Facebook, the university's page has 4,000 new likes, and reach is up 73 percent.

"As I see the social media chatter for the students, they all feel like winners," exclaimed CCU's Vice President of Student Affairs, Debbie Conner. "So not just our baseball team, but our faculty, staff, our community… everybody feels like a winner.

Administrators said phones at CCU have been ringing off the hook with potential students and alumni. Everyone trying to express pride for the baseball team.

"Having so many alumni reaching out to me that I haven't heard from in so long," Conner said. "And in a way to them and to our students it's like, we know we're great. And finally on a national stage everyone else can see that Coastal is great. And its not just about baseball, it's the institution as a whole."

The impacts will likely be felt in the admission process in 2017.

"I think this will be another piece to add to the increase and not only the application pool but the quality of the application pool, and that is critical," according to Conner.

"But then there's also just a lot of talk about how our student athletes play with so much heart and they kind of leave it all out there on the field," Reser said.

He added that what you see is what you get with this group of guys.

"Completely genuine and it's cool to know that their actual personalities are being so well received throughout the entire country."

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