Market Common neighbors concerned about low-hanging power lines

Market Common neighbors concerned about low-hanging power lines

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - People who live and work in the Market Common area reached out to WMBF News about power lines hanging so low you can touch them.

While our news team couldn't get a hold of someone right away, we spoke to a local electrician who has tips to keep you safe in what could be a dangerous situation while waiting for a power line company to fix the problem.

Experts said power lines are not insulated like power cords and you should always assume the power line is live. Do not drive over, touch anything or anyone in contact with a fallen power line, and keep kids and pets away from fallen wires.

"Best tip I can give you is stay away from them," said Chris Gude with Stephenson Electric.

Experts said power lines are designed to withstand extreme temperatures, so it's not normally weather-related, but heat can cause the lines to sag. And wind can also be a factor.

"The lines falling down like that, drooping in people's yards, it happens when these storms roll through, the storms get these strong gusts of wind and they'll rip them right down," Gude said.

While many factors can contribute to power lines falling, experts said do not try and fix the problem yourself.

"Don't touch them, don't even go up to investigate. If you see them down, stay away from them," Gude said.

People in the Market Common just want to see it fixed.

"They need to be patient, especially when these storms roll through. The power companies are doing everything they can to get the power restored and get the lines back up," Gude said.

The WMBF News team will check back to see if this situation is taken care of Monday.

However, experts say if you need to report a fallen power line, or have an emergency and cannot get a hold of a utility company right away, call 911 immediately.

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