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Hartsville man wins 1 million on lotto scratch off

Gold Millions Lottery ticket Gold Millions Lottery ticket
Sunoco gas station on 4th street in Hartsville Sunoco gas station on 4th street in Hartsville
Scfratch off lottery tickets inside store Scfratch off lottery tickets inside store

HARTSVILLE, SC (WMBF) - One Hartsville man cashed in one million dollars from winning the lottery on a ten dollar scratch off ticket, the Gold Millions, on Tuesday. The winner was one of three million-dollar winners on the Gold Millions scratch off. He got the ticket verified in Columbia on Thursday, and walked away with a 1 million dollar check.

The winner claimed the last top prize of 1 million dollars with the Gold Millions scratch off. There are a total of three top prize tickets and odds of winning are 1 in 1.6 million. The winner scratched the ticket off outside the store, went back in to make sure he wasn't mistaken, and clerks say he danced around the store.

Pinal Patal is the owner of the Sunoco station in Hartsville. He said, “He was excited, who wouldn’t be haha a million dollars would make anyone excited right? He was really happy. It’s nice you know I’ve been waiting for this. We’ve been waiting for the time someone hit the lottery here so this is good, I was happy one of my customers won it."

Patal has been waiting for this because his store also benefits. They will receive a ten thousand dollar commission just for selling the ticket. Patel plans to use the money to make improvements around the store. He said his gas station sells nearly four thousand lotto and Powerball tickets daily.

“This is the first time somebody’s hit in the past 6 years since I’ve been here at the store, I bought this property back in 2009," said Patel.

A representative with the South Carolina Education lottery said there were a total of 4.8 million Gold Millions scratch off tickets that were printed throughout the state. The Sunoco gas station on 4th street in Hartsville is where the big winner goes daily. Patal said, "The one he won on that book, most of the time he buys that one.”

The Gold Millions lotto is currently the only million dollar scratch off, and a new one will launch this August.

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