Terry Elvis speaks about jury deliberations in Sidney Moorer Kidnapping Case

Terry Elvis speaks about jury deliberations in Sidney Moorer Kidnapping Case

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF)-The Jury will return Friday to court to deliberate the fate of Sidney Moorer, charged with kidnapping missing teen Heather Elvis, and her father is speaking only to WMBF News about his anticipation.

Terry Elvis says his family has been painfully waiting for this trial and answers for two and a half years.  Now as the jury prepares for more deliberations tomorrow, WMBF News Anchor Michael Maely talked exclusively with Terry Elvis and asked him what he observed from the jury box, while sitting in the courtroom these past 4 days.

"I think they paid a lot of attention to everything that was presented, at times they would lean forward, to look to see, turn a head they would listen," said Elvis.  "At times whenever some testimony got emotional you'd see tears in a couple of their eyes, yeah, they paid a lot of attention and that coupled with the fact that they didn't rush to judgment, tells me they're going to do due diligence, that they're going to do what they were charged with."

Terry said regardless of the outcome, the Elvis family holds out hope to find Heather, and pleads for answers.  Elvis said he's not surprised  Sidney  Moorer did not take the witness stand in his own defense, but said he hopes to be able to talk to him, for answers, some day. Terry said he did not know how to react to a not guilty verdict if reached tomorrow, but said this, in regards to a guilty verdict.

"I'm sure the entire courtroom, would be filled with emotion with that... for me personally it will be bittersweet, a  small amount of relief that we've gotten to this point finally in hopes that answers will come from  it," he said.  "I can't exactly how I would feel, it was hard enough this week."

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