Former manager accused of stealing and selling golf carts from Surfside Beach store

Former manager accused of stealing and selling golf carts from Surfside Beach store

SURFSIDE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – Former golf cart store manager accused of stealing golf carts and selling them for cash.

While this case is still very much under investigation, police do have a suspect and it is the former manager of the shop.

"It came to light in January, early January, we were alerted to the fact that there were golf carts being golf carts far below market value in Conway," Rolando Perez, the Executive Vice President of Brigadoon Financial and King of Carts, said.

Those carts, still having serial numbers matching those stolen from King of Carts but owners would soon find out, this was only the beginning.

"We did a full inventory we, realized around 60 carts were stolen which came out to about 200,000 dollars' worth of actually loss of property," he explained.

Perez says they began to think this was an inside job because the inventory checks always came back without error.

"All of the carts were accounted for and present and they were not obviously. And as this thing swelled to the much larger numbers it became very apparent that there had to be something else going on beyond an outside influence," said Perez.

In an investigation report from the Surfside Beach Police Department, dating from January to May, it lays out how police believe these carts were stolen and sold. Part of the report explains people were picking up golf carts from the former manager Jason McKown's home.

An arrest warrant charging McKown with breach of trust says between the months of November 2015 and February 2016 the defendant did knowingly sell these carts that he illegally obtained from his place of employment.

"All these transactions were done after hours, the cover of night, away from the property with no invoices with no records what's so ever, and then they were sold forward to in users, people who were using these carts for recreational purposes," he added.

Though insurance will not cover the more than one hundred thousand dollar loss for the carts still missing because it allegedly happened from the inside, Perez says he's more sorry for the people who also suffered a loss.

"We had carts that were bought by a fire department in Virginia, and they were going to be auctioned off to raise money for a school for blind kids, and every one of these folks had to have these cars repossessed, at this point have losses of their own," he said.

McKown's attorney, William Monckton said because the case is still pending, there is no comment at this time.

WMBF News also caught up with McKown at his new golf cart rental shop in Surfside Beach, and he said he is not responsible for this crime.

McKown will have his first court appearance, July 7.

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