Lake City family wants answers after 2 week long water leak

Lake City family wants answers after 2 week long water leak
Utility department filled hole from water leak
Utility department filled hole from water leak

LAKE CITY, SC (WMBF) - A water leak on one street in Lake City has covered the driveway and street for almost 2 weeks. The family that lives on Lyerly Street is frustrated after making multiple calls about the same issue for years, and knowing they can't do anything to fix the leak because the city is responsible for the pipes that are leaking.

Carrie Andrews said she first noticed the water on June 13th, and made calls to the water department and the work order was filed one week later on June 20th. She said, "You know when someone calls in with a water leak that's pretty big, you know no matter how big or small, a water leak is a water leak and when you see water coming up on the road, that's serious. Same thing with a sewer leak and you see sewage in your yard, that's not supposed to be there."

Andrews has lived there for more than 15 years and said the problem has been there for a while. Two years ago, their sewage line got so back up, sewage started to come up on their yard. "They keep coming back to the same area and it's like I'll put a band aid here and put a band aid there and there and it's going to make it better, but it's really not fixing the problem, because the problem is still here," Andrews said.

Rick Sims Utilities Director for Lake City, believes the problem is old pipes. He said, "We've had several problems with that street in years past, that is an old system. Our water system is approaching a hundred years old in parts of town. So that line we have had problems in the past and go out and do point repairs."

Sims has been the Utilities Director for Lake City the past 37 years and is well aware of the issue. The leak is outside the property owner's water meter, so the city has to fix it.

Sims explained, "We try to work off work orders when they are issued and call the office and there is a protocol that we follow, and that is locate someone to go out and look at it see how bad it is, if it's real bad we do emergency and try to move on it as soon as possible."

With this sort of leak, Sims said before digging, other utilities are also involved, things like phone, gas and power lines. He said there are plans to replace the water lines on Lyerly street in the near future. "And it is something we are moving forward on, but it's actually in other areas, you know we work them as we can get to them and as funding becomes available also."

Andrews believe since she pays a water bill, the administrators need to take care of the citizens in Lake City.

The utility department said they will follow up in a couple weeks to clean up the area and make sure the hole has settled on the property.

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