Joe Moglia’s other College World Series connection

Joe Moglia's other connection to the College World Series

OMAHA, NE (WMBF) - The College World Series home has been in Omaha since 1950, and thanks to its now six-year old stadium, it will remain there at least until the 2035 season. And it's Coastal Carolina football coach Joe Moglia that had a direct hand in naming the park.

Before TD Ameritrade Park opened in 2010, keeping the new building localized was important for the city.

"We needed to be able to name the stadium," Moglia explained. "And none of the business leaders in Omaha, and no one here wanted someone to come from the outside to do that."

That's where the now CCU football coach comes in. As the CEO of TD Ameritrade, he felt the company needed to have a role in the stadium.

"So I thought if we could name the stadium, that would be ultimate pride to our TD Ameritrade employees, as well as be a great great thing for the city of Omaha," he said.

With that, TD Ameritrade Park came to be, keeping a major stadium name connected to Omaha, as Moglia authorized the naming rights to the ballpark.

"I always found the families in Nebraska care about values, care about family, care about education, care about sports," he said. "They care about those things. The College World Series matters to us."

But the 2016 College World Series has special meaning for him, with his current school now battling for a national title.

"For me, for our baseball team to come back to Omaha, to TD Ameritrade park, it moves me in a way I can't even explain, I get emotional every time I think about it," Moglia said.

"I probably have gotten over 100 emails and texts from TD Ameritrade employees saying they'll either be going to the game, and all of them will be rooting for Coastal."

Coastal Carolina plays Texas Tech in an elimination game Thursday night at 8:00 EST, on ESPN2.

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