Questions still linger about what do with Charlie's Place

Questions still linger about what do with Charlie's Place

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - There are still no concrete plans for the future site of Charlie's Place. Monday night a community meeting was held at the Myrtle Beach Train Deport to narrow down what will happen to the property located on Carver Street. City leaders say they want to make sure plans progress, but with caution.

The property is an old abandoned home and motel that was once the heart of music and dancing decades ago. But those that live in the Carver Street area say they want to make sure history is preserved and that the new development will benefit everyone.

Councilman Wayne Gray, was one of several council members, city leaders, and residents that attended the community meeting. Gray says Charlie's Place is very personal to many people that attended the meeting. About 50 people were there to discuss the future of the property, they were broken into groups to shares ideas that will help revitalize the area.

"I think the concept was let's wipe the slate clean about what ideas and concepts that have been presented thus far," Councilman Wayne Gray stated.

Plans were in place to demolish the property, but after a demolition ceremony in April those plans were put on hold. Several neighbors said they did not want to see it torn down, they felt it was important to preserve history.

Gray says while in groups they discussed what type of services the community would like to see in the community, and what kind of new businesses, if any, should be developed. Also another topic was what would a Charlie's Place museum would look like, if it was established.

Gray added, "The idea would be to take those concepts mold that into maybe a vision or a plan present it to council, and the planners of the city, and obviously continue to have conversations with the community."

Recently some residents, and those interested in the seeing the project come to fruition were fearful the city made plans for the property without them, but Gray says that is not the case.

"Frankly the city hasn't detailed anything, and when I'm asked that question I respond to the folks that live in the neighborhood or folks that are interested property, you are the city, and the city is you, we're together we're all one. There's no need to pursue a path or an objective that is not supportive of the community," Gray said.

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