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Former detective says woman suing him is a liar, drug addict with mental issues

Former HCPD detective Allen Large gives a deposition regarding lawsuits against him. (Source: Southern Reporting) Former HCPD detective Allen Large gives a deposition regarding lawsuits against him. (Source: Southern Reporting)

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – In an answer and counter-claim to a lawsuit filed by an alleged rape victim, former Horry County Police Detective Allen Large denied allegations of sexual harassment and abuse, saying that she is a drug addict with mental issues who made false statements to Horry County Police to tarnish his reputation.

The original lawsuit was filed on May 18 by a woman identified only as “Jane Doe 2” to protect her identity. In it, she claimed that in 2015, when Large was still an Horry County Police detective, he was assigned to investigate a case of forcible rape. Her suit claims that he offered to assist her with regaining custody of her children, to move her into a condo in Murrells Inlet, and to provide her with a mode of transportation. In exchange, the suit claims he demanded that the woman engage in a nude “catfight” against another woman, “as there was a group of men in the area who liked to watch women participate in nude, videotaped fistfights.” When the woman resisted Det. Large’s requests, he threatened to take personal action to keep her from visiting her children, the suit alleges.

Det. Large continued to “engage in a course of coercive and threatening behavior and unwanted sexual advances,” the suit alleges, including propositions that the woman participate in “catfights” with other victims of violent crimes.

On July 2, 2015, after receiving a written reprimand, Det. Large offered to take the woman to a scheduled court appearance, and having no other means of transportation, she agreed, the suit states. After the hearing, Det. Large sexually assaulted the woman inside his Horry County Police vehicle, the lawsuit alleges.

The answer and counter-claim filed on behalf of Large this week denies all these allegations and demands strict proof that they occurred. The counter-suit says that Jane Doe 2 “realized an opportunity to tarnish the good name of an individual and took it.”

“At all times Mr. Large acted with respect and attempted to help the Plaintiff to make better life decisions,” the counter-suit states. He tried to get her visitation with her children, and as a result, Large was told by Jane Doe 2’s mother that “she was bad news, a liar and a thief.”

Large said that he only had interactions with Jane Doe 2 for a month, during which time he tried to assist her by taking her to church, and providing her with clothes and food.

The counter-suit states Large traveled to a court hearing with Jane Doe 2 and her boyfriend, and at no point was he left alone with her.

The counter-suit goes on to claim that Jane Doe 2 has an extensive history of arrests, lying, and mental issues; issues which she listed on a GoFundMe account seeking money from the public. The counter-suit says she lost custody of her children due to her arrests and drug addictions.

The counter-suit also claims that Jane Doe 2 told him that she was prostituting herself so that her boyfriend could have drugs, and that she was selling nude photos of herself to make money.

Large is seeking compensation and damages, arguing that Jane Doe 2’s false statements led to her termination from the Horry County Police Department, slandered his name, and inflicted intentional mental and emotional distress. The counter-suit also asks that Jane Doe 2 not be permitted anonymity and be identified in all court documents.

Jane Doe 2's lawsuit was filed by Evans Moore Law Firm. At the time it was filed, attorney James B. Moore provided us with this statement: "We believe this detective preyed on the most vulnerable of women, exploiting his police badge to keep them quiet. It's downright shameful. I applaud Jane Doe 1 and Jane Doe 2 for shedding light on this injustice. Unfortunately, we expect more women to come forward in the coming months." 

Large responded to WMBF News reporter Conor McCue that week following a request for comment: “The allegations are not true and I look forward to being charged,” he said. “It’s the only way this is going to stop.”

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