Fire exhibit shows dangers of pine straw around your home

Fire exhibit shows dangers of pine straw around your home

NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - On Saturday, the South Carolina Forestry Commission & NMB Fire Prevention Division showed the community how quickly fire can spread in pine straw, commonly used as landscaping cover around homes.

Three interactive displays were set up. Pine straw, mulch and bark were all lit on fire. They were given two minutes total to burn. Videos posted by North Myrtle Beach Fire Rescue showed just how quickly a spark can turn into a dangerous situation.

NMB Fire Rescue responded to one Facebook user's comment by saying:

"We also have many homes with pine trees with straw in yards. The main threat of Pine straw is when it is used in beds up against the home. While there are not many cases of Pine straw lighting on its own we deal with numerous fires on exteriors of homes each year from discarded cigarettes catching pine straw on fire and spreading to the home. Pine straw also will help in fire spread in the case of a controlled burn getting out of control. In 2009 we lost 79 homes and over 100 others were damaged following a wildfire through Barefoot Resort in where the homes had pine straw around them which enabled the fire to spread quickly through the neighborhood. The purpose of the demonstrations we performed were to show the comparison in how quickly pine straw spreads compared to mulch or bark. All 3 were lit and allowed to burn for 2 minutes. The push for education is so people can be better prepared for those situations as you mentioned when someone let's their burning get out of control."

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