Florence gun shop reports rise in sales after Orlando attack

Florence gun shop reports rise in sales after Orlando attack

FLORENCE, SC (WMBF) - Mass casualties and the threats to the homeland are fueling a hot debate on Capitol Hill, and right here in your neighborhood.

The people at Blue Line Shooting Center said as in the past, when America has seen a mass causality, such as what we saw last weekend in Orlando, guns sales are on the rise.

"We have seen an increase in gun sales," Thomas Geddings, Manager of Blue Line Shooting Center said.

Geddings said while more and more people are looking to protect themselves, training is needed before anyone decides to pick up a weapon.

"We try to increase the knowledge of each individual that purchases a firearm. We teach private lessons here. We try and make you more comfortable with that firearm through training," Geddings said.

Happening right now, legislators are looking at ways to tighten loop holes in gun laws.

Some would argue those loopholes allowed Saturday's mass shooter Omar Mateen to purchase weapons ultimately used to kill 49 people at the Pulse club in Orlando.

Mateen had previously been investigated by the FBI for alleged links to terrorism.

Lawmakers are beginning to look at gun laws after Democrats held a more than 15-hour filibuster.

If you are interested in getting concealed weapons permit, you can stop by and talk to an expert the folks at Blue Line, who say there isn't a reason to be afraid to defend yourself.

"Talk to us. I have had plenty of students over four years of working here who have been terrified and by the end of our training they are out their shooting and doing it themselves," Geddings said.

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