Students file suit claiming wrongful arrest after fight at basketball game in 2014

Students file suit claiming wrongful arrest after fight at basketball game in 2014

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – A lawsuit has been filed against the Horry County Police Department regarding a fight at a high school basketball game in 2014 by the son of a former HCPD detective who is facing several lawsuits himself. Another student, also the son of a police officer, has filed another lawsuit making similar claims.

Joshua Allen Large, the son of former HCPD detective Allen Large, claims in the lawsuit that when he was a high school junior, he was trying to break up a fight that broke out after a high school basketball game in 2014. The suit claims that there is school video and bystander video that shows this.

The suit alleges that the school's resource officer, an employee of the HCPD, filed an incident report that misrepresented the facts by claiming that Large gathered six students together to fight, when Large was only trying to break up the fight.

The lawsuit claims that Large was wrongfully arrested. The suit also claims that then-Deputy Chief Rutherford and then-Chief Saundra Rhodes failed and refused to properly handle the situation after Allen Large attempted to discuss the matter with them.

The suit claims that the resource officer, the Horry County Police Department, and several members of the department violated Joshua Large's constitutional rights, inflicted severe emotional distress, and maliciously prosecuted Large. Large is seeking lost wages and benefits, front pay, future lost wages and benefits, compensatory and consequential damages, punitive damages, damages pursuant to the Americans with Disabilities Act, attorney's fees, and all other damages the court sees fit.

Cody Toomer, the son of another police officer and also a high school junior at the time of the fight, has filed a similar lawsuit, also claiming he was trying to break up the fight, and that he was wrongfully arrested. Both Toomer and Large graduated from high school this year, Large's attorney, Bonnie Hunt, confirmed.

Allen Large, the former Horry County Police detective and father of Joshua Large, is facing at least three lawsuits filed by three separate women, claiming that he made unwanted sexual advances and committed sexual assault while he was assigned to investigate their cases.

HCPD cannot comment on pending legislation.

Rhodes' attorney, Bert von Herrmann, said it raises suspicions the lawsuits are being filed so long after the arrests were made. He said Rhodes' name being listed on the lawsuits is a procedural issue because Rhodes was a supervisor, so even though she wasn't there to arrest anyone, supervisors get put on lawsuits at the beginning of the judicial process.

Hunt said time, circumstance and finding the right lawyer led to the delay.

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