California Rolls restaurant to be start of bigger plans for Chinese investors

California Rolls restaurant to be start of bigger plans for Chinese investors

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - A sushi restaurant on the corner of Eighth Avenue North and Ocean Boulevard in downtown Myrtle Beach is just the first part in a plan aimed at opening the Grand Strand up to a greater influx of Chinese culture.

California Rolls will offer different kinds of Chinese-style sushi, along with steak and options for those who are vegetarian and gluten-free.

Although the general manager, Mike Abel, said most of the sushi is the same, this restaurant will separate itself from the rest because of its Chinese influence.

"We want them to have a memorable experience so that when they come, the food is consistently great, the service is outstanding (and) they leave with a feeling that we're going to come back if they're a visitor, or maybe next week if they live here," Abel said.

That Chinese influence is something residents and tourists can expect to see much more of along the Grand Strand.

Chinese investors plan to build a China World theme park on the property that used to house the old Freestyle Music Park. This is in addition to the Myrtle Beach Chinese Cultural Center, which will offer more restaurants, shows featuring Chinese entertainers, art and cultural cooking classes.

It's something the Chinese investors said will take Myrtle Beach to another level of entertainment.

There are already plans for a second restaurant with Asian-style cuisine coming next year along the Golden Mile.

As for the Myrtle Beach Chinese Cultural Center, it's set to open by 2018 and investors are looking to build where the Waccamaw Pottery building is now.

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