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Some business thrilled about traffic the Carolina Country Music Fest brings, others concerned

Crowds fill the Old Pavillion Site for the CCMF Weekend. Source: WMBF News Crowds fill the Old Pavillion Site for the CCMF Weekend. Source: WMBF News

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Businesses in Myrtle Beach are hoping to cash in during the Carolina Country Music Fest.

Some businesses along Ocean Boulevard hope changes made this year will help give all business along Ocean Boulevard a piece of the pie.

Businesses want an equal chance of bringing in customers this weekend. While some restaurants, retail stores and bars are within steps of each other, some are pleased with business so far, and others are still concerned.

“Most of the people don’t want to come over here because it’s so hustle and bustle,” a Bargain Beachwear Employee said.

Bargain Beachwear is two blocks from the Carolina Country Music Fest and employees believe they’re losing business because people who aren’t going to the fest don’t want to be bothered with those crowds.  

“They blocked all the streets off right here you know, and people don’t want to come this way because they can’t park,” a Bargain Beachwear Employee said.

It’s a hassle their dealing with, while other businesses just around the corner think otherwise.

“It’s been a lot busier, we’ve been doing a lot of deli sandwiches and of course coffee drinks, it’s just been real busy for us,” Coffee House Deli Manager Deann Sarver said.

Deann Sarver is the Deli Manager at the Coffee House. She said so far, it’s been a plus because the city has put out signs to direct people how to get to restaurants or other businesses, but that flow of traffic has come with some hindrances.

“It would be busier it wasn’t the fences and them not allowing food to go in and out - that kind of thing, but it is what it is,” Sarver said.

While the barricades, cones and even police funnel people to go one way, Bargain Beachwear wishes the country music fest could be moved to a different time of the year.

“If they didn’t have it at this time maybe, because this is like what the first or second week school is out, so I mean everyone is here on vacation, they don’t know the country music fest is going on, so when they see that, they’re limited to what they can do,” a Bargain Beachwear employee said.

Bob Durkin, who is the festival director, said the festival has doubled in size, so they put in two entrances and exits, which will hopefully make it easier for people to get in and out to get to other places Ocean Boulevard has to offer.

“With the addition of six or seven thousands more people, I think the businesses around us will get that much more business,” Durkin said.

All in all, businesses said having events like this one is what will not only continue to bring in thousands year after year but will continue to put Myrtle Beach on the map which will hopefully result in year round boosts for local businesses.

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