Performers get big exposure in front of thousands during CCMF

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - The Carolina Country Music Festival wrapped up its second day Friday. While big names like Keith Urban and Tim McGraw are headlining this weekend's festival, it's also an opportunity for up and coming artists to make a name for themselves.

Christina Taylor is one of those artists. She performed at the Carolina Country Music Festival Friday afternoon.

"It was amazing. You could feel the breeze on stage," Taylor said.

She says she saw her audience double as CCMF progressed into its second year.

"It's definitely a different ball game this year than it was last year," Taylor said.

For her, the big crowds, big stage, and big venue are just ways to perfect her performance.

"I'll figure out which songs they like and which songs they don't," Taylor said. "I think it's really important to be able to perform in front of so many people for stage exposure and stage experience and learning how to interact with the crowd."

She won her spot on stage through a battle of the bands contest out of Charlotte.

"Ever since then I've been writing and recording and figuring out who I am and where I fit in in the music industry because it's really hard to make a lane for yourself," Taylor said. "My musical journey led me to country music, and I feel like this is where I belong."

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