Horry County Treasurer candidate calls out 'good ole boys' system, opponent decries 'good ole girls' system

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – A deputy treasurer for Horry County has resigned her position, according to Horry County Treasurer Roddy Dickinson.

Angie Jones, the now-former deputy treasurer, is a current candidate for Horry County Treasurer.

Jones confirmed she is still running for treasurer, despite her Thursday resignation.

According to a press release sent out early Thursday evening, Jones said she has accepted a position in the Horry County Clerk of Courts Office.

Dickinson has declined to comment further beyond confirming that Jones had resigned.

Horry County Clerk of Courts Melanie Huggins-Ward said she hired Jones in an effort to help out someone who is an honest person, who has worked for the county for 15 years and who is actually overqualified for the job.

She added Jones would be doing administrative work and getting paid an administrative salary of about $28,000.

The Horry County Public Information Office said the range for an administrative assistant is $24,955 to $49,910. County records showed Jones' annual salary for 2015 was $79,784.64.

Huggins-Ward said Jones' mother is the deputy clerk.

However, Huggins-Ward said she is the only person involved in hiring and the deputy clerk did not know about Jones joining the office until Jones received the offer.

At a Friday morning press conference, Jones said she resigned her post at the treasurer's office because of what she referred to as a, "hostile work environment," and a barrage of, "malicious attacks that I have endured over the last several months."

Jones said she was approached in February and asked to give up her job title so that her opponent, Jonathan Hyman, could run his campaign as the current deputy treasurer.

"I was assured that I could keep my salary and the only change would be my job title," Jones said. "I refused and it has been a nightmare from that point forward."

Hyman responded Friday afternoon and said that while Jones claimed to suffer from a hostile work environment, she didn't resign until five days before the election and only after being confronted with the removal of tax penalties from a relative's tax bill.

"The only question that needs to be answered, but hasn't been addressed so far is if Angie Jones was not responsible for the penalties being removed, who was?" Hyman said in a statement.

Jones said the issue was over a $15 penalty that was supposedly waived.

"I am not the 'good ole boys' choice for treasurer, but I hope I am yours," she said. "I will not be controlled by the 'good ole boys.' I will not bow out like they have hoped I would do since the beginning."

Hyman called out that Horry County Auditor Lois Eargle and Horry County Clerk of Court Melanie Ward both appeared in Jones' television commercials. He added that all three "trashed" Dickinson.

"It sounds like this is the 'good ole' girls' system at work," Hyman said.

Horry County Treasurer Roddy Dickinson did not return phone calls Friday.

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