Deerfield neighbors unhappy as county receives plans for development

Deerfield neighbors unhappy as county receives plans for development

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – Horry County planners have gotten their hands on very preliminary plans to develop a part of the former Deerfield Golf Course, at long last.

It has been a hot topic for years; what, if anything, should go there?

A developer is hoping to build 153 homes on the fairways on either side of Deer Creek Road, and the plans aren't exactly getting good reviews from the people who live in Deer Creek.

"We're all concerned here, and we've heard about this since the golf course was sold," said resident Carol Martin. "They're going to do this, they're going to do that. And if it was anything that would complement what we got here, we have no objections as a community."

But what Martin and her neighbors object to are those preliminary sketches Horry County planners have.

"I personally don't see where there's enough room to put houses with what it entails with new houses, like roads and driveways and water and sewer and power and all that," Martin said.

Recently, the sign that prompted all the chatter popped up off the main access road into Deerfield-Platt Boulevard.

It reads "Ocean Commons... coming soon," despite the plans not being approved or even formally submitted to the county for any application.

Planners explained the design team is simply seeking input.

WMBF News placed several calls to the number associated with the Ocean Commons website, but no one would provide information.

County planners said they couldn't send sketches of the plans since nothing was formally submitted.

However, county planners explained that nothing would need to be rezoned.

The homes on one side of Deer Creek would be in 6,000-square-foot lots, and the homes on the other side would be in 14,500-square-foot lots.

That is what is zoned for those parcels already.

But Martin thinks old golf course fairways in between existing neighborhoods are not places to build more homes.

"Everybody knows what a golf course looks like," she said. "How can you consider that for housing?"

It's not just that Martin and her neighbors don't want the disruptive construction or more houses; there's the matter of infrastructure.

Platt Boulevard is the way residents get in and out. It's the only way, except for another entrance on the U.S. 17 Bypass across Deerfield that most of them said they don't use.

Platt Boulevard already backs up with traffic.

"It would be terrible because it would be saturated with traffic that we can't handle now. The road is just a two-way," Martin said.

Martin implored the developer to take her community into consideration.

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