Authorities keep an eye on roadway flooding ahead of Tropical Storm Colin

Authorities say to watch for flooded roadways

NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Tropical Storm Colin is set to move toward the South Carolina coast overnight and into Tuesday morning.

Authorities in some coastal areas are urging you to be cautious on the roads with pockets of flooding expected through the next several hours.

Cherry Grove was expected to see the most standing water in the North Myrtle Beach area.

"People need to be patient. If they don't need to go out in the night when we've got this much rain, don't do it." Pat Dowling with the city of North Myrtle Beach said. "Wait until the morning when you can see things better."

Cherry Grove is the lowest lying area of the city, so its prone to flooding. Coupled with a higher than normal tide and Tropical Storm Colin, the conditions could be dangerous overnight with spots of flooding.

On the ocean side, it was choppy waves and high winds that pushed beach goers indoors.

"It's the visitors we have to worry about, and most of them are really going to stay inside when it rains like this," Dowling said.

Authorities say they are expecting some beach erosion from the wind and waves, but their main concerns remain on the roads.

"If things develop and surprise us and get worse than what the predictions are, we will certainly have all hands on deck," Dowling said.

As Tropical Storm Colin makes its way over the Grand Strand as the earliest third tropical storm to form on record in the Atlantic basin, officials look to the rest of hurricane season in hopes that this is the worst we see.

"Well, we're hopeful we're getting the tropical storms and the hurricanes will head out to sea," Dowling said. "That may be the pay off, but we'll see."

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